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Vikal Modular Granny Flats

Looking to accommodate your loved ones? Have the kids outgrown your home?

Do you want your mother or father closer living in independence and luxury?

Whatever your requirements, Vikal Modular can provide you with the housing solution.

Our 15,000 Square Foot Factory in Bibra Lake WA



Modular construction and flexibility

Vikal Modular can build you a granny flat to initially house your loved ones and when they move out, tenants can move in as a rental increasing your income.

Are you onsidering selling your home in the future and worried about building a granny flat?      No problem.

Vikal Modular granny flats are fully completed at our facility and transported to you on site. That means if you move house, the granny flat moves with you. Vikal Modular provides full relocation services if you ever wish to relocate your granny flat to a new block or home.